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It's almost like saying: "Forever"

Are you ready to redefine flowers? What if the fresh rose bouquet you just bought could last for years? The most divine moment of receiving the bouquet 


Our hopes to preserve the wedding and Valentine's memories are answered. Infinity Flower Collection bouquets are fresh flowers straight from the field, preserved and delivered to you. You will never have to buy that fresh bouquet for the dinner table.

As you have seen our flowers use to come in the beautiful box which you could move around your house. Anyhow, we were asked hundreds of times if the flowers could be taken out of the box - and the answer was always no.

Until now!

Infinity Flower Collection Bouquet series is presenting the most unique rose bouquet which you can place to any vase or jar you feel suitable to your home.


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  • You will always have beautiful flowers blooming in your home.

  • The flowers will stay flawless for years. Remember those brown edges on the petals? We say no more!

  • The bouquet bought or received always has so much more to it than just the flowers. The flowers have a story, they are a memory. Now they can last for so much longer.

  • Think about the environment too. Not having to buy imported flowers that often can be your tribute for the better cause of protecting the Earth. 

  • Saving money by investing in something enduring will eventually pay for itself.

  • Waking up to something that will always bring a smile to your face and to the feeling you had when you first had them. That truly is beautiful - So much more than just flowers.


We have been able to solve the deepest need of

making our flowers flourish longer and

now it is our honor to give them to you...

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Meet us behind

the roses

Hi, we are Johanna, Maija & Susanna - or you can call us "the flower girls".


Infinity Flower Collection was born in Finland just like we are but within the last two years, we have already grown to an international team.

Our dream was to start a company together, so we could share the joy and the words of kindness with people. We call each other sisters, Johanna and Susanna are twins, but in addition, we share a passion for beautiful things. 

Roses have found their way into our lives through the opportunity we couldn't resist - so here we are! We present to you our soulful creation and more than anything we hope to brighten up your day and make the world even just a little more beautiful.


One home at a time <3

We understand there are many questions in your mind so let us answer the most frequently asked questions

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